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To inquire about Bryan Hillstrom Abstract Oil Pastels and Paintings, please contact our representative, Ben Jasmine, for pricing and availability.

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Artist’s Statement

“I’ve been an artist most of my life. I’ve concentrated on oil paintings over the past 20 years. My current work is spacial, colorful and edgy. The works are overpainted many times to attain surface thickness and transparency. Paintings are done in an immediate and intuitive fashion, brushwork and texture is encouraged.

My minds’ subconscious space arrangements are paramount to a picture’s success. I try not to over plan/think my design concepts, instead letting them come to fruition as part of a guided process. In this way the doors are open for new spacial designs, shapes, shadows, etc. which provides an excitement and continuance in the work. “


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Call us: 831.275.0180

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